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Has anyone ever heard of this?



Well-known member
Mar 4, 2021
Massachusetts, USA
My mother-in-law who is 91, was given progesterone, and instead of tapering off went off it cold turkey. She became psychotic, and was diagnosed with progesterone withdrawal psychosis. She is very paranoid. I never heard of this before and I wonder what her treatment options are. She is being evaluated still, so no one knows what’s going to happen.


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Feb 21, 2021
That sounds horrible.Your poor mother-in-law. I have no answers but I pray she recovers soon.


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Jul 6, 2020
Indiana, USA
With the right medications your mother-in-law should have a good outcome. It is really important that they get the meds right with her age. It is possible that she will come out of this and it won't happen again. I know how hard it is to "wait" between appointments. Take Good Care
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