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Has anyone else never been in a couple in the usual long term sense of the word?



Mar 18, 2013
Has anyone else never been in a couple in the usual long term sense of the word?

Hi everyone,

Lurked for a long time but at a loose end so decided to post today!

I have mild to moderate social anxiety and severe insomnia.

I've talked to people on social anxiety forums and a lot have said that they struggle more with making female friends but are in long term relationships, which help them to feel secure and so on.

I'm the other way round - the few friends I have are all female, and I have always had terrible luck with men.

I guess some would suggest it's because I was raised by a single mum, but I know plenty of people who have been in long term relationships and had single parents, so I don't think it's that.

I have never been with a guy who has officially termed me his girlfriend, apart from the one awful ex who pretended he wanted a baby with me then generally mucked me around, went missing, took a lot of money (a LOT of money) after telling me lots of manipulative sob stories, and then refused to return it, among other things, saying I had spent a lot of money on fertility treatment so things couldn't be that bad and he would feel it was taking advantage of his new girlfriend if he borrowed the money off her to return to me (which was his original promise - I told him I didn't care how he got it as long as he returned it, I didn't want to take advantage of the girl either, just wondered why she was given respect that I wasn't given). And that relationship only went on because I allowed him to muck me around - any individual with a modicum of self respect would have dumped him immediately. Long story that I could write 50 pages on so will stop there!

All the other men I have been with have just come over for sex and gone, I've never been with a guy who has wanted to take me out, or even go out the front door for a walk, or let me meet his friends etc.

Now I'm not that bothered because I've always been happier when I haven't had a man around, but just wondered if any other people are in the same situation, or if it's because of my mental state.


Mar 18, 2013
Any reason why my envelope is grey and everyone else's is red?
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