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Has anyone else had a similar problem like this ? please help ?



New member
Jan 21, 2019
Great Britain
I would be anywhere on the street , it mostly happens in a club .( I do not drink alcohol . )
My ocd always flares up when i hug Lady , It seems to be like a saftey/checking habit . 10 minutes after i have hugged a female i have a voice in my head saying "did you just kiss her , or did we just kiss" ? it confuses me because its like , you can't just forget you kissed someone ?
its quite annoying because i actually message the person , and they always say what the hell , no you didnt .
i have stopped this compulsion now by messaging the person now because ive learnt it worsens the thought .
this OCD habit only happens when im in a Relationship . i love my girlfriend so much it seems i do this because i dont want to hurt and ruin our relatuionship ? , Has anyone experienced this ?
i do have OCD most checking , for example doors , lights , taps and handbreak , ect !
much appreciated william .


Jan 23, 2019
heya! i have OCD and i also have thoughts like these, you're not alone, Will! sometimes when i do laundry, i'll put my clothes + the pod in, then i'll leave to go grab something i forgot and when i come back i'll think "did i really put a pod in?" and so i'll search around inside the washing machine for a bit, even though im POSITIVE i had put in a pod already. but my OCD doesnt let me be 100% sure, so i'll throw in a new pod, even though i was 99% sure i had already put one in.
i know how these thoughts can be SOOO annoying, so something that i do to help me is making a mental note, like when you hug a lady note to yourself "i hugged (lady) and nothing more, there is no need to worry.", and when your OCD flares up you can remember your mental note, and hopefully it'll stop the worries!
best of wishes, orange! :D