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Has anyone else experienced ridiculously powerful orgasms during mania or hypomania?



May 13, 2019
Hi everyone,
I'm new to these forums, so apologies if this seems crass. I'm going through a bit of a hard time as I'm trying to wade through insurance, referrals, and waiting lists to get a proper diagnosis of bipolar 2 instead depression and ADD. I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced something akin to what's been going on with me? I'm male by the way.

I started having the most powerful orgasms of my life about two and a half months ago, when I started on Effexor. Not only did the Effexor induce a hypomanic state, but it also caused inorgasmia (not a particularly desirable combination of symptoms). The orgasms were so jarringly different and powerful that I knew something was wrong, and it ultimately clued the psychiatric NP I was seeing that my persistent depression might actually be bipolar. I just assumed hypomania was me when I was happy.

Anyways, I've never actually explained to anybody HOW these were different, just that they were more powerful. Again, please excuse me if I get crass, but I'm not sure else I can explain it. Before, I would ejaculate and that would be the main sensation of the orgasm. Now I'm able to ride a secondary wave that hits right after ejaculation. I could feel it before, but it was like an ancillary thing. Now that wave is the main focus and ejaculating is just something that also happens.

This is far from the only "type" of orgasm I was having, but this is the only one that I can adequately describe. I would ejaculate, start riding the wave and then completely lose some of my senses. Mostly touch, sight, and hearing. I would basically just see white for 5-10 seconds and then slowly come back to reality. I noticed that I was losing my sense of touch because as it came back I could feel my hand on penis and realized that I hadn't felt that for the duration of the orgasm. The same thing with me hearing, i wouldn't realize that I'd lost it until I came back.

I've been reading about something called orgasm synesthesia and a quote resonated with me, even though I am far less spiritual than the person quoted. “Sometimes, it feels like an opening of the third eye,” says Tammy. “I perceive many layers of the world at once, the concrete and the abstract together.”

Does this sound remotely familiar to anyone?


Jan 21, 2019
Yep, during my first true manic episode, and before being medicated, I experienced incredibly intense orgasms that were different from any others I'd had before. I was also in the midst of very strong hypersexual symptoms. Both the orgasm intensity and hypersexuality returned to normal after starting lamotrigine.
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