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Has anyone dealt with the burden of taking care of someone, especially you having panic attacks as a result? How did you overcome them?



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Mar 22, 2019
South Korea
How hard was it for you to take care for someone? How did you deal with the stress, especially the panic attacks? Did you have hope that it would turn around? If religious, how did your faith play a part?


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Dec 26, 2015
hello frisas45. its very hard at tiimes and worrying at best. the stress levels got very high and i ended up at hospital twice over a period of 2 and half years.
i cope by gettiing busy - doing a lot of gardening and i mean a lot of gardening. for hours on end.
and also going out for walks and staying out for hours on end.

having a faith has helped me a lot. having expereinced some down right weird and negative stuff due to the ongoing negative situation. even when i had the first health blip which was right in the middle of a very stressful enduring time. i managed to keep on supporting as a carer.
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