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Has a mental health doctor ever refused to prescribe you an antidepressant?


Anastassia Florine

Active member
Jun 15, 2009
Has a mental health doctor ever refused to prescribe you an antidepressant?

Twice this happened to me. Once in Vancouver, British Columbia, because I think he thought an anti-d would make me dangerous. He either didn't care that I was depressed, or blamed it on the fact that I had stopped the loxapine. (When I started hemming and hawing and hedging with him about Effexor he said, in a voice that said clearly that I would be picked up by the police if I did not, "What you need is to get back on the loxapine!") The second shrink, in Gaspe, Quebec, that refused to give me ADs did so because she doesn't want it to make me manic or agitated or something like that... not manic, not agitated, but something like that. I forget what... too drugged on other things to remember. She gave me lithium instead. But soon I will be off the lithium (she says she sees no point in keeping me on it because all it does is slow me down) and I wonder what she'll be giving me next! She says she does not trust me with a bottle of Lamictal, after I confessed two moments of insanity when for whatever reason I considered overdosing on lithium. I'm on valproate now (500 in the morning and 500 at night). It think it sedates me a little, in a similar way Risperdal does for some reason. I'm also on loxapine (25 every night). I wonder if she expects the depression to go away on its own or if she will prescribe something else because she said the lithium was what she would choose to use on my depression but then she said that all it did was slow me down so there was no point in me being on it... so it will be another mood stabilizer, probably. I hope they aren't too sedating.


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Aug 21, 2009
Maybe you should get yourself a new dr?.... Opposite problem in England- they can't get them down you fast enough! Sorry you're having a bad of it and not getting the right support, I hope this changes asap xx

Anastassia Florine

Active member
Jun 15, 2009
I'll be moving out of this small town soon to Montreal, and there they havea very good mental health service in one place, and even if it doesn't provide antidpresssants some other doctor will! :) I was too lazy to see another doctor in Vancouver to get some anti-d's and was having other problems too and ended up committed for 2 days before I had the chance, and then after that we were getting ready to move and I was miserable and feeling awful and finally instead of me having to go somewhere else alone my parents took me back to the place I had gone to all along there and another doctor there gave me something temporary for the trip. Then when I got to PEI I was feeling awful still and so this doctor there gave me Celexa, but I had been on it 3 times already and it hadn't worked the last 2 times, and this 4th time it didn't work either and then I moved again and was put on different things to see what would work; never a good antidepressant tho!
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