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Hard time expressing what you feel inside?



Apr 24, 2020
Since i was a kid, i dont know how to express what i feel. When im sad or angry i just take everything in and cry behind close doors. I thought it was normal. But as i grow up, i experienced bullying at such a young age. Kids would pull my hair, say awful things about me, punch me, throw dirt and other stuffs at me. Still i just cry at night and hoped that i wont go to school. At home i dont have that good relationship with my family. I dont open to them. My mom talks to me with a tone of almost yelling. It hurts much that they talk to me like that. And i kmow they care for me but my sister has a better treatment at such.

During highschool things got worst, the sadness consumes me. I cry at night and dont know what to do. I cant express how i feel to others. I dont know how to ask for help. One time i tried to talk to someone and she said that i was over reacting. Which made me stop talking about my feelings to anyone