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Happy thoughts, what am i grateful for.



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Oct 16, 2014
I am grateful for my mother, who helps out even with her own issues and whom ive absolutely forgiven about my childhood and her drinking at the time.

I am grateful for my beautiful daughter who is nothing short of extremely charming and beautiful, and helps me get through whatever tough period im facing in a much better way than any other medicine.

I am grateful for my friends and family, and that they even through their own hardships managed to take care of me in my time of need, and never gave up hope.

I am grateful that i finally have gotten over my stubborness, in the way i can delve into myself on a personal plane and explore some of those inner feelings properly, and adress them correctly.

I am grateful for being alive, being put on this wonderful earth in itself, and all the wonderful things it has to offer, i wont even go into detail as it's so much.

I am grateful for this forum and it's members and the fact that there are people who try to be kind to others and help others even though they are hurting too.

I am grateful that this world is not so black and white as i thought, ive come to learn that people are different and everyone is special in their own way and deserve to be met with respect, and treated accordingly.

I am grateful for the birds singing their morning songs for me as i wake up, and the wind blowing in the trees, even if it is raining, i am grateful that i can go outside and bask in the glory of the rain.

Lastly but not least i am grateful that amongst all the bad and evil in the world, the good still finds a way to flourish and shoot it's seeds into something more beautiful than i could ever imagine, nature in itself is the only perfect in this world, that and the goodness of others, and the selflessness of others.

Im in a good mood nowadays, so im just reflecting some thoughts on here.:)
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Oct 21, 2014
I m grateful I have my legs I need them.
im grateful I have plenty of food :drool:
im grateful have a family (even tho they are not perfect):loveshower:
I am grateful for my dogs and my boyfriend:loveshower:


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Oct 16, 2014
Obviously i forgot to mention my legs:LOL:
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