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Happy or Scared ?



May 4, 2020
Hello everyone!
Hope you're doing well.
So...A month ago I took part in a competition for a workplace, which means everything to me. I have studied so hard for the whole month so I could be at one of first places for this important position for me.Yesterday, the results came out and fortunately, I was in the first place. I've cried of happiness. I was really really happy... but suddenly my heart was pounding so hard. I was really scared because I haven't had those palpitations for so long now. Was thinking... I can't be happy anymore for a good news because everytime my heart will be pounding as crazy (which makes me feel scared)? How to manage things like this? If you learn about a good/bad news, how do you manage this to not affect in you heart rate?
Thank you in advance.


Active member
Mar 10, 2021
Me personally wether it be a supper happy moment or a super sad moment I try to sit somewhere quiet close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing and thoughts. this could be for as short as 60 seconds or 5 minutes.
There can be a lot going on in my head and I feel the closing my eyes and concentrating on my breathing helps clear up all the thoughts bouncing around in my head!

My Apple Watch has a app called breathe and I find it really helps me.

by the way congratulations on the win you obviously studied really hard for this so enjoy it!
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