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Had enough



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Mar 7, 2008
I live in a house with an older sister who usually is horribly stressy, always has arguments with me and makes me feel very low. Things dont get better when my mum comes in. I have a very strong relationship with my mum but im afraid its not the case between her and my sister. Every SINGLE NIGHT I have to listen to them screaming at eachother, every single night. Sometimes i get so depressed about i have to stay at my dads for a number of weeks. Things are not so great at school either, nearly everyone is hostile towards me and thinks im a nutcase and freaky. And theres this girl, who ive never felt so strongly about before, were friends but she will never love me. I know im a teenager and it may only be "puppy love" but everytime i see her, it hurts inside more and more. I also have an abnormal fear and intolerance to the sound of bagpipes. For as long as i can remember, whenever i heard them i would nearly have a panic attack. Ive already made a thread about my fear u can see it in the specific phobia section.

I dont like this life, i feel like i have no future.:cry:


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Dec 15, 2008
I'm so sorry you are feeling like this - perhaps you can talk to someone - I don;t know how old you are - can you phone childline or the samaritans - there is always someone to listen to your fears? You are not alone, can you discuss this with your parents at all?
Keep posting here anyway

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