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Gyroscope proves mind of the abused loses control over an empty space authority



Well-known member
Sep 12, 2016
Voices provoke violence seemingly for amusement. Do your voices ever speak for you rather then to you? By this I mean I will be having a thought and the voices emphasize parts of the thought by yelling certain words or parts of my thought out loud to me. Sometimes they speak my thoughts for a couple minutes even. This is what makes it hard to voluntarily control creating voices or singing or doing anything cartoonish into white noise or this recording of the gyroscope which works better then white noise even Recording of sounds from gyro/ vestibular. They decide on there own when they will yell out your thoughts to you or when they will plainly talk to you. Like right now as I write this they refuse to do it. Sometimes when I get really angry and curse at them in thought a voice or ghost will speak my super angry thought as if it was a calm nothing, and because it's more audible then just my thoughts alone has more power, and control over my ability to express myself. Which is sort of my point they, the ghost or voices, have mind control over me by threatening me with this weapon of power of who has control over the vestibular in open empty space, which is a reality of bullying, when someone controls you with cruelty like voices do i think I can prove that the gyroscope becomes harder to control with the mind of the abused the way I controled it in the recording above.