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Guilt from National Crimes x x



Well-known member
Sep 15, 2018
Aalestrup --Dk

Five years ago, I Got Very Bad depression + anxiety, Because of Danish involvement, in Guilty wars (Iraq ) x x I Meditated on it, Found these 5 Things, To be worse, After war > >


I Also noted People's Eyes, Became smaller, The Black part, in Middle, Of eyes >>

Wra e 785675.jpg

Normally, Danish people Have Big Center-eyes > >

Wra e 86732.jpg

I've Felt guilt before, when I Was younger, It also made my Center-eyes Smaller x x After Invading Iraq, my Entire got such eyes, Like Pin-pricks > >

wra 3454754.jpg

I Felt really bad, but, I Slowly found, A cure > >>