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May 7, 2010
Okay, I'm new. I have to tell you now that I don't self-harm, but I do suffer from depression, have had thoughts about SH, and decided against them. I'm pulling myself out now, thankfully, but I just want you guys to know that, even though I have never self-harmed in the way that I've seen spoken about the most around here (I do tend to scratch my arms when I get stressed out) I do understand what it is like.

I came here because I was speaking to my boyfriend tonight and he told me he self-harmed recently. Really recently. Like, today (I think). I mean, I knew he'd done it in the past, but he told me he'd stopped and this came as a shock to me.

So I decided to start to properly learn about it, and I wondered if you guys could help me understand a little more.

Thanks a lot! ^^ see you around x

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