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..greetings.. new here.. what to do?



New member
Nov 6, 2008
hello everyone..

I feel very strange these last months, and I'm hoping that you can probably tell me something.. I don't know is this the right place but truly I don't know where else to go right now..

I have been feeling very depressed, more severe than past years. I always had thought about suicide and death, but now I started to have them more and more often, every day - most of the day.. I'm afraid that soon it won't be just thoughts :unsure: .. I don't have any motives or concentration on anything. I can barely study, and my grades are very bad. I just feel like sleeping all day..

I always had fear of people, that has worsen too. Now I can't walk normally on street without wondering what are they saying about me, what if they wanna do something to me. I like being alone, because the people are unpredictable, and too dangerous, you never know their true motives.. I have only few friends, but it seems like I am going apart on them..

I don't know what am I doing here on this world. That I still didn't discover and it annoys me very much. I know I have a better purpose here, so we all. But what must I do to discover that, that I don't know..

People tell me that I talk weird, that I think weird, that I act weird, that I like weird things and so on.. but I think they are weird, not me. Only small amount of people can see the true image of the things around us. Things we do, say, think, they all count...

they say that black is wrong, but black is all I am. And that has nothing to do with my state..

I can't control my thoughts, they just keep coming up. They are mostly bad things, but I am not guilty..

I'm not sure, but I might have gone off course here somewhere, so I apologize for that :redface:

..thank you for listening :redface:

Thomas X

New member
Nov 13, 2008
Hello my friend.

It's imperitive that you seek professional help immediately. It's absolutely not too late to correct this.

It sounds like you may have a mild case of skizophrenia due to your paranoia and doubt about strangers motives; but do not quote me on this, as I am not a licensed professional.

As for your morbid, "evil" (if you will) thoughts, this is certainly reminiscent of obsessive compulsive disorder. This is VERY treatable. It ABSOLUTELY can be corrected.

You seem to be suffering from depression, as I believe you stated. THIS IS ALSO EXTREMELY TREATABLE!

You CAN be happy. And I know you feel right now that you CANNOT be happy and you're TOO FAR gone. But you are NOT. You just need to sort out the jungle within your mind-- and a licensed professional CAN and WILL help you do this!

Do you understand? YOU CAN BE HELPED. You are extremely treatable and you can be happy again. You WILL be happy again. Contact a professional.

Congratulations for taking the first step to being better.
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