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Greetings fae Aberdeen, Scotland.



Jun 24, 2009
Aberdeen, Scotland
Hello all.

Am Wayne, long term mental health service user in Aberdeen.

I was at a meeting just the other day there, when someone mentioned Forums.. and I thought to myself, is there Forums for persons with mental health issues, a quick on-line search later, and here I am.

You even have an Aberdeen area section, ( just a shame its so hidden... maybe a restructure to break down the UK into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland ?? Possibly ?? )

A bit about myself.. ok .. am kinda Brash, speak my mind a LOT! would be classified as mostly harmless, until really severely annoyed! ;)

This meeting I was at was what had me annoyed enough to say " OK, lets find out how bad it really is" and like I said, here ye all are. Great Stuff.

Am a kinda bad On-line Fiend, spending almost 70% of my home time at my PC, surfing, emails, listening to music and playing daft on-line games.
You may think this is a LOT of time, but seeing as I don't bother with a TV at all, well, you can see where this is going.

My choice was to have my PC and Internet, without it I would probably not be as daft as I am, but I would be very more reclusive than I currently am.

To me the PC is a tool, you can use it for many functions, entertainment, information source, communication and my best part :clap: Update that calendar function on your wee mobile.

That's about all there is about me, other stuff you will find out as we go.

If ye wanna know more, Just Ask ;)

So am awa' for my Coffee :tea: fix...

Peace :flowers:
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Welcome to the Forum. I spend a lot of time on-line too - I don't watch much TV - hardly at all at my flat; the TV is disconnected in fact at the moment.

I watched the TV program last night, at my Bro's, on Virtual Worlds. It was Weird, but interesting. I have avoided WoW & second life. I play PC games, but not on-line.

Hope you like this place. :)


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Sep 22, 2008
Hope you enjoy the forum. I spend far too much/not enough time online too (no TV). Thanks to the amazing PC TOOL I have met many nice folks online and in person....yay! :clap: :welcome:

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