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GP says that personality difficulties is not a diagnosis



New member
Sep 7, 2018
A few years ago my G.P. informed me of the most recent diagnosis I had been given from a psychiatrist who had known me for many years. This diagnosis had never been discussed with me and I had to look on-line to find out anything about it. I have also subsequently been discharged from the mental health team. What had been written was that I had "personality difficulties". On looking on-line I believe that this means that I have a number of traits but not enough to be classified as having a personality disorder. I don't even know what the traits are that the psychiatrist believes I have, although I can hazard a guess. I assume that having personality difficulties is the first notch on the disorder spectrum and is in effect sub threshold. The reason for the post is my new G.P. tells me that this is not a diagnosis and tells him nothing. Unfortunately, because I have been discharged I cannot seek the advice of a psychiatrist to discuss this, but my feeling is that my G.P. is wrong in this regard. I just wish some feedback as apart from the fact that personality difficulties is such an unknown and vague term, being told that this is not a diagnosis when my mental health problems have had such a profound effect on my life long term has had me feeling invalidated and somewhat lost. I don't want to argue the case with him too much but I just wish that I had something to back up this as being a legitimate diagnosis. I'm also reluctant to track down the psychiatrist who gave me this diagnosis as it feels a bit neurotic.

Many thanks for any input.
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