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GP General Review Appointment - Medication - one aspect



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Aug 1, 2014
HI Folks/Hi All,

For the final 6 weeks, I shall be taking 25ml, However, on the 6th week, the GP part timer doctor shall review me again, and after a very good better decent night's sleep overnight, I am more rational today, we're both going to adjudicate, and decide whet her to lower dose a notch down to 20ml.

I am all for this, so this will be about time, that the dose is lowered to 20ml.

I always always use my self help management, of fitness, and also listening to music as extra recovery aids, along side of the med.

This will hopefully now read as 20ml of Abiilfy.

In my haste last night, I was feeling very anxious, and felt i had to seek a second opinon. I have now realised, and understand, much better, along of better night's sleep I can drop a notch of Abiify dose.

I will do update on this site, in 6weeks,.

Have a good 6 weeks, all, I shall be around,

Best regards all,



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Jan 4, 2013
Hi Natalie,
Thanks for updating us, it is best to be on the lowest dose possible with dr involvement.
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