GP appointment - today



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Aug 1, 2014
Hi Folks,

I attended my appointment via the GP services.

I reported that i thouight the Fluxoetine caused me tiredness the following day. He reckoned that it is most likely the Abilify to cause the tiredness. He thought about Sleep Agnea, reckoned, I didn't have that.
I can juggle/experiment the doses around, and see what difference makes.

I also reported about the sinuses headaches every day certainly in the colder weat her, and having to take a painkiller just one dose, everyday, I am one of these people he commented, that has low levels, and catch allergies easily. Nothing was done about being referred back to ENT, which i haven't been to them, not since many moons.

So this is the update I have via for me from the GP services.

Nothing further was prescribed, both for the in place of the Fluxoetine, and also not for the sinuses headaches.