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got the call



Well-known member
Oct 19, 2009
northern ireland
Cmht phoned today....of course they always phone on your good day, I almost expected him to say oh your fine you don't need us. Told him a little bit how I felt, and should get an appointment in 4-5 weeks....so why did I get the urge to sh just over a phone call? I still feel ok, he asked did I have thoughts of hurting myself so I told him about sh, but I'm not having worse thoughts....silly question should I have told him over phone? Any time I've went to mh they never see me again.....so now I'm getting these thoughts that I'm a fraud, I'm not crying every day so I must be ok, I'm starting to function a little bit better in the house......just have to get myself out of the house now :redface:.....positive turning to panic :eek:


Jan 15, 2013
Can you do something to distract the bad thoughts, whether it's something simple or something totally silly?


Well-known member
Oct 19, 2009
northern ireland
The dog wants to play so she will keep me occupied, and the kids are always somewhere near me, so I'm busy at the min....thank you xx
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