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Jun 2, 2019
Hey so im new here, this is my first post here (sorry if I make any spelling mistakes english isnt my first language)
So one night I couldnt fall asleep for most of the night, i skipped some lessons in school went home for a nap, when i woke up I wasnt feeling like myself the world for some reason become so dull and grey when i went to sleep the same night I couldnt fall asleep for a long time too. Woke up the next day mentally feeling fine but physically feeling tired. For some odd reason I got very worried about my sleep and well had a hard time falling asleep. One day the world around me turned grey again I was feeling tired my body ached I had heart palpitations I was feeling anxious for no apperent reason. So fast forward few more months, I had researched a lot about all kinds of disorders was still feeling anxious but now every time I stopped talking in my head, my own voice would start just thinking comparing symptoms to all kinds of disorders hm like Hm maybe I got this and this but no It cant be. Random thoughts started to pop in and by this time I had a lot of anxiety physicall symptoms It got so bad even when I was with someone It just go round and around non stop. Another thing was for one day I couldnt stop reapeting words that someone said to me, sometimes a random thoughts pops in my head with a image but this only happens when im walking somewhere or im in my house alone when I do something lets say play basketball I'm all good I feel like myself I feel good, but the moment I get into my head something hits me all the joy everything goes away. Went to the doctor gave me some homeopathic medicine. All physicall symptoms went away wasnt feeling that tired my thoughts were calmer I started to notice that when I stopped talking to myself it didnt loop so much rarelly tbh. My doctor booked me for some bloodwork (then she took a three week vacation and no one couldnt check it :D) So one week ago I went to here she said that I have vitamin d deficiency, started eating vitamin d rich foods supplementing, I goes I'm feeling better but now I have again hard time falling asleep my joints started to ache, and in the evening when I'm going to bed I can hear random lines said that I heard before by other voices, its like a thought but not in my own voice.
So could all of this be caused by the deficiency?


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Jan 5, 2011
I am pleased that you found a way through this to finding some peace in yourself. Hearing voices is very common and so you shouldn't be overly worried about it. I haven't heard of it being caused by vitamin deficiency before and I doubt that was the cause.

I am surprised that your doctor gave you homeopathic medicine as I don't believe it does anything. But it worked for you so who am I to judge. You say you hear voices but then you know they are your own thoughts too. When we are stressed this sometimes happens. Do you know why you got so anxious in the first place?


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May 17, 2019
yeah it could be a factor. there could be many other factors too though, just keep taking what’s recommended but definitely make your personal health a priority in all ways.

best of luck

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