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Got new meds, but don't know if I need them now



Following a pretty bad few weeks, my psychiatrist has given me a new anti-depressant to try (I hadn't been taking anything for a while before that). On the day of the appointment I pretty much asked for it - something I thought I'd never do, but I was beginning to feel desperate. I felt like I'd been all over the place emotionally for too long, and I couldn't see it getting any better on its own, so I'd kind of accepted that I needed to be on something.

I deliberately didn't start it the first couple of days I had it - I had to drive a lot, and I didn't know if I'd be able to with the side effects. Well my appointment was about a week ago, and now I'm not sure if I even need it any more. Things just mysteriously got better. I wouldn't say I feel amazing, but I feel a lot more able to cope with things now. I don't know whether to start the anti-depressant or not now. :unsure: Maybe this is temporary - I often have the odd one or two ok days in the middle of a low point - but it's been more than one or two days.

Does this happen to anyone else? :rolleyes:


Well-known member
Apr 23, 2012
hmm, that is a toughie! when is your next appointment? if it isn't far away maybe wait until then? (sorry i can't give better advice!)

do what you feel is best :)



Nov 9, 2013
if i was you id take it . it takes 2/4 weeks to get in the system anyway and while that's going on make another appointment to see the quack.


Still not sure what to do. I guess I'll start them today anyway. :unsure: Yes, I'm ok now, but from past experience that can change at the drop of a hat.

My next appointment is in a months time. She seemed to be really trying to fit me in then, rather than any later, because she was concerned and wanted to see how the treatment was going. So if I don't take it, I'm going to feel pretty awkward at that next appointment, which she went to some effort to get for me. :(


New member
Nov 11, 2013
hey hi. may I ask what you had tried before ? because you said "new" medication. were you on something and just dropped it,?cause that can make you more depressed. I lean towards not starting them ( the new ones). fight for your happiness in the meantime. understand the side effects so you can make a better decision as to how you would want to manage your recovery .
aim to be at next appointment regardless. if you don't need them then don't take them. get some outside help , friends & family to give you feed back if possible .
anyways hope all works out for you :)


Thanks open house (and everyone who replied before - I realised I forgot to say thanks).

I took paroxetine for a few months, stopped a couple of months ago (after reducing it slowly over a month). The new med is citalopram.

Before yesterday I hadn't needed to go out anywhere or really do anything for a few days. Yesterday I went out, and being around people and out of a 'safe' environment made me realise the anxiety is definitely still there. Well I can't function just staying at home and doing nothing all the time, so I'm taking them, just for a while. I'm also seeing a psychologist, so I see that more as the long term solution, and the meds are just for now.
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