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got exposed to disease at the park



Sep 1, 2020
I went to the park with my mate and his dog went on a blanket and he wrapped me up in it and now I’m worried that I’m unclean.

Also, there was bird poop on the ground beside us and I’m worried that the sleeve of my jumper touched it, because I leant my face on the sleeve.

I’m trying to not clean myself completely over small things like this, but I feel really nervous. Is it worth cleaning?? What should I do??


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Nov 10, 2019
I hate dirt. I also clean anything that has touched outside dirt and i don't have OCD. I often sit on a plastic bag if i sit on a bench, or have a long jacket on so that if i sit down on the bench, it is under me and protects my jeans from any bench dirt.

I irritate my family and friends with this germ phobia, i say that jokingly because it is not a phobia or a disorder, i just have never liked dirt.

Dogs are dirty, i hate when they lick me. They are so big, big mouths, listen to me! I am of no help when it comes to dirt, it all bothers me :)

I have a cat and she is an indoor cat, nice and clean and gorgeous :) I don't let people in my flat with shoes on and hate when they sit on my sofa in their jeans as i don't know where they have been sitting! I do manage to NOT clean the sofa when they have left but it does bother me.
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