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Goodbye All...



I have decided to leave Mental Health Forum and Intervoice and I just want to wish all peace, happiness and I will think of all who hear voices, etc....
It's been quite an experience, but it's time to move on.
Good Health and All My Best To All...


Me too. Do you know that I love ya and do you know that I do no love john and do you know that I can hear you now my husbnd and do you know that you cannot go on like this any so longer and so now you do so know that you are no devil and so neither was I up until you kow where and do you know that it was all a par for the courses and the rhymes and the reasons and do you know that i am sort of hab enough of john and dont you know that i have had enough of you and donna sort o still getting on as swell you knows and do i still love him no i do not and no i dont and know he sits down there with look s in his eye sand he goes there and not sand there and so no deaths in the devils and so now you do so know how so well we were together and so now i have been advised to so leave you now and who advise dyou to leave me and no i am no woman i am a holy person a female and know i will not and so now i do know who you are and so do pose no questions and so now i dont want to do that drive over the motorway only if i have to and so that library is a good place to go and hit base and sort a gossip among them and they are so aware i was there though did not care a damn about a thing and carried on with their gossip and those people are so persons who do so misunderstand and so on and so a bafta feeling and two young men who sorta should have been at work and or school and so creating and so what have you done today and for sore i cannot keep you on these terms for not not on now and not on at all really truthfully i cannot shape it off this fear of losing us and i cannot lose our ups and it may sound silly here and i am sort of talking to you now and so i do so want you as well and i do so fear you no how and i did not like the way you talked about the good dying young and staying pretty and sort of through me through into panics and sorta deletions and so now i have no more stories to do so tell you and so now you have gop gop rid of rabina and trabina for you there dear one and so now words of love do come to my fingers and to my mind and i am not upsure of anything all except that i have had a shop in a car and i was on my own and that was the true one and what i said before was a cover and you know it was a man and he did not care a fig and you saw and i did so know you were no where there up until i was batting down the motorway and i wended up the wong way dust as i did when i worked through radio derby and a heading north wards and so not south and i did so think i would love it if you could drive me and so i do not have to lose that concentrsation when i am so so talking to those angels and trying to listen to the radio and do nine things at once and what do you want to say now and so now my skirt is so being moved and that made me smile and so now that does so mean that terry is so not near now for it was a body double and so not him and so now he can put his leg down and so no you do no no not need him and so nor do i and just must win and do no more now for i fear no one not one man on top of earth and so what does so get me now is those police occifers and those people from the ol libo and i do somehow go wake up in a panic and so i do know i have not left nobody and so noone understands nor gives a fig farp aboup me or you now and so no one dares do anything then and so no it is so more than that for so lepers we are and so now i do so need this and do so needed to her you speak and for you to hear me and we must have no argument and you are so no more in charge than i was the days when i did the cloth eared and had so total a trust you do not know sall and so on and and and so no no more and so we are safe now and you know i always was somehow from the days i was so so told i was 24/7 and then i lost it somehow and somehow it all came bafflingly batty and back it all came and so now please beloved please never ever ever ever ever go and do so never leave me either for i cannot bear it now and so that was a beautiful song and it might sound ridiculous but i have to close down now on our instructions and so dont you dare leave me to talk alone and so now i must speak now and i am shy you know and so where are you and how are you and how are you cooking these days and are you now in the shower sort o missed the shower and showered you are now with no clothes on either and sort of erect you know meaning heads up and i could kill ya with my own bare hands for pushing me beyond belief and as you know i was so off terry and so still zam and still are and so now i see a white man with a blackened face and so not unlike a golly wod and so now you know someone who does someone and does someone and so you dont fly away i shall not mush no door and so how do you do zhat then and for sore i have no expertise of zhat for you are so a living man and so i am as well and so now we are going to bed and so on and so now and so now you did not know that then and so no i did and so relaxing and so now you do so know i can't not neave him and so you mont you know and so


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May 31, 2010
Sydney, Australia
Aw thats a shame Rabina, I'm new to the website but I found your posts to be good and thoughtful, maybe you will come back one day who knows it's always good to have somewhere to vent your thoughts in my opinion... Much love Raven.