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Good Spider Season Predicted



BBC News - 'Good spider season' predicted by experts

'Good spider season' predicted by experts

Experts have said people can expect to see more spiders in their homes than usual this autumn.

Professor Adam Hart, from the University of Gloucestershire, said he expected a "good spider season" due to the recent mild weather resulting in more insects for the spiders to eat.

(continued, new twist on 'good'... )


Sep 18, 2014
I moved house a month ago and since being here I've seen some really big ones. I'm always conscious of spider seasons and when Autumn is coming I try to keep the house cleaner than I normally would. I vacuum in all the corners and make sure that there aren't many places they could hide by keeping all my floors free from any clutter (all when I can be bothered though). They seem to like dusty places. They always emerge from my bathroom so I keep a horse chestnut in there because they apparently don't like it. There was a time when I would just shake and cry on seeing a spider and although that does sometimes still happen, it's less frequent. There was a big one in the bath the other day and I managed to stand by the door and look at it for a short while which was a big breakthrough for me. I'm also hoping to get some anti-spider spray which you can spray all over the place and it can help to deter them from coming in. May even spray in on the drain pipes outside!
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