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Good Luck with this One



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Dec 20, 2008
I want to start off by saying this issue Im having is realllllllllllllllllly strange so please try to stay with me as I explain it. I have a natural tendency to overthink things way beyond what they are. It's who I am, I like being good things and I don't like letting go of care. With that in mind, my problem is that I think about things and i methodically think about every little thing needed to do that particular thing.

For example, if there's a fun get together at a friends house tomorrow, instead of being like, oh that will be fun and living in the present, I'll begin thinking about everything. Waking up, getting dressed, doing everything that leads up to the fun event. There are two reasons why it's really weird that I'm having this problem. The first one is that I really am a successful person who really is confident. I'm naturally pretty cocky so when these unnecessary thoughts come into my head, i don't feel "nervous" as much as overwhelmed by my brain overthinking. The second reason is that it was randomly triggered one day. I went from a cocky athlete to a person thinking about what I'm doing at all times over the course of one day.

The good news is that I don't think this problem will last forever. I had a problem similar to this (not quite the same) and it went away after a couple weeks. It seems like this issue is sparked up at a time where I'm thinking really hard. Both times that I gained this problem were after 4 hours of AP testing.

I really think this will go away, the problem is that I can't get my mind off of it. It's like if someone tells you that you are consciously breathing..then you are going to think about breathing, even though it's something you normally do naturally. It's the same idea for me right now.

The funny thing is this doesn't really affect my performance. I've had this problem for 2 days now and I've managed to function like I normally would. Like I said, I not think, but KNOW, this problem I'm talking about is 100% in my head and I don't have any real problems. The problem is that I'm having problems shaking it..Typing it out on here does make me feel better and my mood behind this problem changes from time to time. Sometimes, like right now, I feel great about it and I think I'm really getting over it. Othertimes I just start obsessively thinking about it and EVERYTHING seems like a big deal.

I don't get it, I'm not just saying I'm a confident person as like reassurance. I really am successful and I know it. When I think about these unnecessary thoughts I don't feel nervous, just frustrated. Most things in life are so simple that we do them naturally, without consciously thinking about them. With this problem, I want to think about them and what i'm doing. Any input or suggestions or ways to think about would be greatly appreciated.


I've read your post and I'm wondering why you find anticipation of a good event a problem. I think what you're describing is what happens to most people. I have a friend who comes over to see me about once a month and he says it adds to the enjoyment imagining his journey, parking the car, walking to my flat and knowing what sort of welcome he'll get when he walks through the door. He's successful, grounded and well balanced.

I think sometimes it's too easy to over-analyze especially in these times when everything that deviates from what we perceive as the norm as much as a millimetre is considered an illness.


firstly hello,
you say you are successful and confident most of time, so is this a situation where you feel that you maybe slightly out of control or cannot garantee the ending of a surprise, therefore do you have to plan your day so you have full control over it and then maintain confidence. a lot of athletes and performers, when faced with exciting and unpredictable outcomes need to focus on every aspect of their performance or have a pre performance routine to go through. that way they feel that they are in more control of the outcome. although nothing is that predictable. which is why some people feel that thinking about things out of our control is a sign of weakness or something to worry about. over thinking about things is sometimes frustrating to those who feel that most things come easy but then somethings may need a little more thought, and that is ok too.
hope that makes sense

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