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Good day with depression



Well-known member
Sep 15, 2021
N. wales
Hi ive been rubbish with my depression last few weeks but today I am having a good day and I think the difference is I cleaned my room and had new bedsheets and nice clean pjs I know doesnt sound big deal but I think it helps I also havent had a drinknof alcohol for over 3 weeks so thats helped too. I think getting a bit of a routine helps with depression. I just thought I woukd share incase it helps someone . I am bow doing a jigsaw and trying to stay positive x


Well-known member
Oct 30, 2010
Bristol TN
YAY! for you! and thanks for the encouragement! What you have done sounds like a big deal to me! And congrats for skipping the alcohol! I am poking around trying to do some clean up here to help me combat my growing depression. I swear, I get lost in the internet and do not even see my surroundings but when I do, I feel horrible. So, time to do a little at a time! I would like to get my bed made up and clean jamas like you did. I have a book on healthy emotions I have started to read a little at a time at bedtime, so this would make it so much nicer!
You have made a difference in my day! thank you!


Well-known member
Sep 15, 2021
N. wales
Aww thats lovely to here. That sounds good reading before bed on healthy emotions. Yea I think by being gentle with ourselves helps like i cant clean the house in one go its too overwhelming so I do a room each day and I find when the house is tidier makes me feel better. I think also by talking about how u feel and things like having a bath helps just not overwhelming yourself and elimintaing things that make u worse ie alcohol and i need to lose weight so joined a slimming club so just asking for help on different areas help me x
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