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Going to hell and very worried



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May 5, 2016
You are not a bad person, everyone makes mistakes. Our Voices tell lies, they will just say whatever it takes to make you feel scared or worried. Please do not believe these voices. They are sometimes caused because of many reasons including stress, hormonal changes or part of your brain that is slightly chemically unbalanced. You do not deserve to be scared or worried. You deserve to be happy.


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Mar 28, 2020
I believe they are the spiritual authority. Despite this I am guilty but in the face of the Lord. Whom I am repenting now to.


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Mar 14, 2020
It's all negativity from Shaytaan (Satan in english). When things start going extremely negative, say whatever and walk the other way. Don't be scared. Are you isolated?


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Mar 22, 2020
s us and wouldn't harm us in this way,they are more likely voices coming from your own sub
Thanks Kerome but I'm too scared to go near anything religious at the minute. Basically the voices are now telling me that I'm the only real thing in the world and that nobody else is real, and this means that all literature and so on is fine for everyone else but doesn't apply to me.

I also had religious paranoia. The whispers work like autosuggestion. I do believe in the good things in religion and faith, but I know that the truth is not only in there. If they start telling me things like this, I am going to destroy these voices by repeating positive affirmations, so I become their voice, not the opposite. This is my attitude. There are so many religious confessions... I am sure that not all the people missing the correct information will go to hell because there are so many children with families. I am sure we came in this Universe to learn.

It was almost useless for me to pray, because these voices were praying against me more that I was praying for me! Insist with your positive thoughts. I am not healed, but I think I am on a good road.

Related to suicide... there are other theories about death that you can believe if you let go of the religious paranoia... Such as reincarnation with positive karma, which some say it is not incompatible with Christianity. Just hope!

Related to you being the only real in the universe, I think that the Internet unites... And that the Universe is in some way just a collection of beautiful algorithms combined with beautiful energy and beautiful souls.

A quote I love: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

Take care of your health!

On the part with religion and faith (you might wish to skip it for a period of time):

- I ended it when the voices started telling me things like "I am Jesus Christ" etc. And on and on. And also that I am not who I am. These things started comming out of my own mouth because they sometimes sound like whispering.

- Rather than being called like that, I'd rather be called what is sometimes called an antichrist because - after all, the greatest antichrist is the one that declares himself to be Jesus Christ (and he is not sent to another place to suffer: most of religious people, I believe, think the antichrist comes to Earth).

- After all, according to what I know from the Bible I have, Jesus said that many people try to respect others just through the law (words), but they lost the intention of the laws, the so-called stoned hearts. And an apostle said that people who are not Christian will not get into hell, because they are good through the laws of nature. They feel one another. Just a half of the planet's population is Christian, and not all of them are practicing the faith.

- I am sure we came in this Universe to learn, and it is possible that the current Bible is very different than the original "Bible".

Not useful information:

Speaking sounds from parts of the building, water, birds etc. I have these too. In about 2013 I was in love and when she wanted or something bad happened to her, I felt my heard being burnt partially... Not painful, but cold observation. Then I had sensations of not having internal organs, sensation of burning feet etc. Now I am better, so I try to hope for better.


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Aug 10, 2019

I’d like to heard from Jupiter and from troubled again.

A lot of things happened since Christmas 2019.
At that time my voices started to be very threatening and very aggressive
( I have gone thru a torture show that lasted for 5 weeks with severe sleep deprivation and physical pain )

they would let me know some things like:
- a monster is coming to the world. Prepare yourself
- 3 millions death. Prepare yourself
- soon enough nobody can go outside without a mask. Prepare yourself
- nobody can go outside during the curfew that will happens in your country. Prepare yourself
- you will walk in Paris like it’s vanilla sky all alone. Prepare yourself
- come drink a corona with me

then everything happened at the beginning of 2020

now they are all agressive again
- the monster is arriving. Prepare yourself
- soon everyone is aware we are on something spiritual and asking each other’s like when you meet in the street. Prepare yourself
- this is a good tribe vs evil tribe and at least good people will be aware it is happening. Prepare yourself
- 70 millions deaths. Prepare yourself

now they keep torturing me since the end of 2019 and I am bound to hell including my daughter (8yo). I can see vision of her futur when they sent destroying energy on her life and even after her death.

obviously they are up some terrible things for a while. The astral humiliating tv torture show is like 24/7 now on my life and I can only face the destruction of my daughter and myself (and her mother is also in the kill list)

How are you troubled. How are you Jupiter. I know almost all voices hearers are going thru some crazy hard times since 01.01.2020 up to now. I hope you do good. I hope you worked things out.

sorry for complaining. I have no rest and no hope left

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