Going to hell and very worried



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Oct 8, 2016
Read things like "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, or other similar books. After using a decent amount of logic, you will find that the existence of a god, or anything similar, is highly unlikely to the point of impossible. Once you know that, you can then identify your problem for what it truly is: a mental disorder whose effects on you aren't based on reality.
There is no hell. The voices don't know anything you don't. The reaffirmations you find (for example the voices magically knowing something) are mainly from pattern finding. Once you accept reality the pain won't simply disappear, but it's a leap towards a real solution.


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May 31, 2016
Only tonight I was chatting to a friend who has bipolar and he said when he was unwell he thought he was jesus and was going to be punished for all eternity and I said to him - my diagnosis is schizophrenia but with a bipolar element - anyhow I also thought I was jesus and should be punished for all of eternity...

It strange for me because I never had any kind of religious background so for my brain to be treating myself like this would be rather bizarre and unexplained.
But its important sometimes to actually say these voices are a symptom of how my mental health acts out - there is not truth in these voices - it is simply a delusion of the mind..

I was going to be in hell myself also..

I now dont believe in any such thing as hell - my own personal spiritual view is we will all end up in heaven etc - if there is such thing as a God and He loves all why would he allow some to be in hell - he would not IMO


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Mar 28, 2019
I don't know what's happened but the psychosis has gone, although not the voices. I got picked up by the police twice in two days for walking around the streets with no shoes on and no coat, and got taken to the hospital the second time. For some weird reason, as soon as I sat on the bed in the A&E cubicle, the entire psychosis vanished but the voices remain. For two solid days I thought the nuclear war was coming and then it all vanished in an instant.

I still believe my voices and the psychosis are caused by evil spirits. I think that's why the whole thing evaporated in an instant. But it's such a relief to no longer believe the war is coming, even if I do still have the voices. I've also gotten rid of the belief that I'm going to hell, which is a great relief.

You are absolutely right Kerome, my voices actually say very little, but I do believe the thoughts come from them as well. The sort of thoughts I've been having over the last couple of days were just so far from the normal me that I don't believe they could have come from me.

I'm feeling a lot braver now that I'm not going to hell so I'm going to go into the alternative perspectives forum and see if anyone else thinks their voices come from evil spirits.
Glad to hear the paranoia has gone away. Trust me you are not going to hell. You are a good person. A good way i find to manage the voices is through music.

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