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Going through hell today and I will be tomorrow...



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Apr 19, 2020
toronto ontario
In the past years I've cut my drink down alot. Use to drink 2 or 3 times a week it was somewhat fun but over the year my body started rejecting it with horrible just horrible hangovers with jitteryness, anxiety, feeling like I'm going to die! I remember being 19 and my friends hangover would shake off after an hour of waking up or they didn't even get hungover but me I'd be lucky to feel better by 5pm in the afternoon! I have drank in a long talk decided to try it last night but I feel I'll today, I almost went to the ER. Tried to throw up to see if it would help but only a little relief. My throat is burning from the stomach acid. I feel deeply depression and every single time that I drink now a days I'll need to take atleast 4 mg of Ativan right in the morning to stop these super unusually seizure like symptoms. Light headed, jittery head tremors, caffiegne also brings on these same symptoms. I barley drink but something about my body has changed and possably it could be IBS or leaky gut? I truly am in need of help ty


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Oct 29, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Hi lostwonder12. I am a pretty heavy drinker but i have never had seizures, I guess i have been lucky. I guess don't stop drinking to suddenly, even though that's what i do. With the reflux you are experiencing best to have an endoscopy for some to have a look with a camera. I did this and they found nothing, they think my reflux is caused by the drinking only. Best to try some nexium it really works well for stomach acid problems or even some ant acid mixures like gaviscon. I didn't get on to my reflux fast enough and all my teeth got eaten away by the acid.

Welcome to the forum hope you can find some answers here. It's a pretty friendly place
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