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Going tee-total



After sinking into a depression bought on by financial and family worries, I've been drinking more and more. Previously I'd limit drinking to weekends, but as my problems have mounted, I've ended up drinking in the car on the way 'home' (when staying at my parents), in car parks, secretly in my room, and the more depressed I got the more I drank to the extent that it was every day.
I'm responsible for my daughter with her own problems, so I need to be strong for us both.
I've decided that enough is enough. I'm giving up. for me one drink leads to another. I still feel awful, but this has to stop. No one knows the extent of my drinking so this is a confessional.
It has to stop now for me to get on top of my considerable problems. It won't solve anything, but it's a step in the right direction, and I hope will make me feel more in control of my life.
going to get in a good selection of herbal teas! :)


Well-known member
Jul 4, 2009
Essex England
Good for you leon...i went through a stage of drinking to much when i split up with my ex partner...i found it dosent solve a thing..just makes one feel worse the next day...i wish you luck in your quest to stop drinking matey..we are here for you along your journey.x


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
hi leon. when i was depressed before i had my daughter i started drinking a lot. but at the end of the day it was making my depression worse so had to calm it down a notch. still have a drink now and then but if im down dont touch a drop. well done on kicking it, it will make a difference to your mood. good luck. with it all x


Thanks so much for the kind words. I've spent the evening drinking camomile tea. I thought it would be difficult :unsure: but am feeling pleased with myself for taking some control over my life. One day at a time...


Active member
Jan 26, 2010
i guess the first step is seeing that you were drinking too much
i know i went through the same....everyonie tells you it dont help but it seemed to help me....i slept better and seemed happier....everyone was on at me though, docs, husband etc etc
so i did it. now i only drink socailly
i would have thought going tee total would be very hard and may lead to a wuick slip back into the drinking
what i was told to do was step it down bit by bit
say i was drinking six beers a night, for two days i was to drink 4, two days to drink 2 and two days to drink one before cutting it out completely otherwise you might ennd up with cravings you cant fight due to the amount you were drinking before your body may be dependant on it....
well done though it is such a positive step for you and your daughter,,...
like you say it wont heal everything straight away but its a bloody good start...:clap:
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