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Going from bad to worse! "/



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Dec 28, 2009
I'll keep this short as not to go on, things have been pretty low lately what with one thing and another. I feel like I've lost anybody that I could talk to and am now completely on my own in fighting feelings of depression, wanting to sh and generally feeling pretty damn worthless..,. Like there's just no point in me even being here.... If only I could talk to someone.. Someone that truely understands where I am but I've lost that and have lost anybody that I did have! :( I don't even know what the point in this post is to be honest so I'll stop now


Mar 2, 2010
east anglia

Hey there you can talk to me:)

I have felt like that before and it does you good to talk to somebody. Its hard finding the right person to talk to however as you dont want to burden them etc, or you are worried what they think of you so you bottle it up and the negative feelings only get worse and worse.

This is why im here. I have friends and family but i feel totally and utterly alone and feel as though no-one can compare with my situation. what you are saying is how i feel just now, i felt like this before but took prozac which made me feel better but im sick not being in control of my own feelings. feel free to contact me if you want to chat

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