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Goals are important. Everything must be clear.



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Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk

I am on an emotional roller coaster. I just jumped off from it. No matter what. My family finds away to test my newest defense systems. But like "merica"; I spend a grip on national defense. And mental defense.

I am traveling. As usual. Business. Vacation. Family time in between. So. I make a pit stop to see my family.

Months ago. I traveled on a business trip and met with my relatives. Business comes up. We talk business.


Now. I am back here... And it seems that everyone's mind has gone blank.

Ok? Wtf?

Moving on. At a family gathering. Business and life... Come up.


I am asked 21 questions. Lol.

Mind you. I have been in my family businesses. During the day. Everything is fun, jokes and games.

At this point. I am with my wife and my children. My relatives and all of their extended families. And.... Business comes up... / Full interview.


Silly rabbits.

I am with my wife. ... Strike 1.

Strike 2. My brothers are with their fiances etc.

Strike 3. You. Of all things... Want to talk about business? And life?

What? In my little John voice. Turn down for what!

Ok. Ok. Calm down. Do not destroy the universe THANOS....please!

I grab my infinity gauntlet.. Full power... And I snap my fingers.

..... You. Know. The rest....

You mean to tell me... That we spent all day together.... All day.... All day....

Not once did you mention business and life....

And now.... In front of the entire galaxy.... You mention this?

Ok. You asked for it!

I. Unleash the force within. Simple. ... Total destruction!

I laid down my entire business plan. Business portfolio etc. From A to Z!

Then. I remind my loved ones.... I. @$!#:;& told you/ showed you my goals and written task lists.... Months ago....

Did you. For one second. Think. That I would not accomplish them? Ha'ha.... In my Milhouse from the Simpsons voice....

And super. Duper. Loud....

Did you forget? Are you crazy Tony?

I @$!#:;&_ told you several months ago... You can not be serious.

Long story short. I destroyed the universe.

Mind you. I was so fully prepared. So determined. Not as much as before when I wrote my list and made it public. ... But more!

I destroyed all speculations.... Did my brothers think I would change my strategy?

Did they think something different would happen?

L. M. A. O.

The word. Is. Goals.

Clearly. Defined goals. Are extremely dangerous. In fact. Lethal!

No comments were made. No questions were asked. Just pure impact.

Yes. That is what happens when you have you @$!# together....

Now. All is clear. I will see you in 3.5 years!

Those goals were months old... Imagine what I will build in 3+ years!

And you know who I will thank? My goals!

Moral of the story. I put my foot down! You live and lead as you please; in your own lives....

As for me? In my house..... We will worship the lord!

You can bullshit in your life if you choose... As for me... I will continue to accomplish all of my goals!

In a few years.... There will be nothing else... To ask for.

I will be in a completely new universe....

I made it clear to all my loved ones... No more pop tarts.

No. You are one person with me. And another around others.

Not ever.

The same clarity I give you. I give to all.

@$!# the bullshit.

You had all day to ask any question. You chose this family moment.... And you expect me to play along?


I made everything clear.

Now everyone else is amazed at THANOS.

Yes. Goals. ...

I even mentioned future goals....

Total destruction....

I hold myself to a higher standard. Now you may hold me... To the highest standard.

I. @$!#:;& dare you.


Next time. I won't be speaking.... You will be watching a 35mm Imax movie about it!


I sent a clear message.

I will accomplish every single goal I have for myself.



I know exactly who I am. I know exactly where I am going.

In business and in life. ...

Do you?


God bless....

I laid out a $20 million dollar investment. From A to Z....

Everyone.... Was ... Silent!

Now what?

You want to take my advice?

Yes? Or no?

Your choice. Your move.

Me. I will continue to laugh.... All the way to the bank!

My best advice.

Set. Goals.

Mentally. I had to THANOS my family and all of their mind games.

Lamborghini Aventador. Miura edition...

Yuup. Driving it to your wedding!!!!

Don't be surprised!

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