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glad to talk about cv



Jul 9, 2009
:mad:hi to all who are similar,ive been told i have conversion disorder,after 2yrs of a living nightmare,due to see a phycologiest in the next four weeks,hopefully there will be some real answers.
in 2007 i hurt my lower back,went to see my gp,told me to take paracetomol and it would go away,pain increased spent two months seeing a chiropractor who referred me for an xray,this showed my discs had collasped down on one side,possibly pinching the nerves wich seem to be causing my left leg to have nasty muscle spasms causing me pain in my leg and groin when walking,i went back to work after trying physio and meds problem persisted got worse,and then march 2008 i was at work and was taken over by severe spasms through my stomach and chest was sent home,doc cams out prescribed me diazepam,was signed of work.these continued to worsen with any kind of movement,was in and out of hospital and was given no real help or answers,just more meds i landed up on 35 tablets a day.was seen by a neurologist in jan 2009,he ran mri on my head and my back,only problem found was that i have 2 bulging discs in my lower back wich was probably connected to my leg pain but this apparently doesnt have any contribution to the spsms.i was taken off all meds,other than morphine slow release for my back,started to slowly exercise the spasms that i once had seemed to decrease,went back in march to see my neurologist,we were both pleased that things were improving,2 weeks after seeing him the muscle spasms seemed to be worsening the more exercise i took,when i say exercise i mean walking small distances i got up to a quarter of a mile.the spasms seemed to effec t mainly my left side,sometimes it started in my leg,moving up my body into my face back to square one again!bank hol may i spent in and out of a/e,as i kept collasping ,complete paralysis i coild hear what was going on but couldnt communicate,i slowly come round from these episodes but if i moved i would start spasming and flake out again,this is now par for the cause,i can be walking,on my mobility scooter or just sitting talking,eating laughing,never any specific triggers just any movement.the worst bit is the fact you dont when or for how long.im 35,two lovley lads and a fantastic husand who along with my close family help me,this has been awful for all of them,yet we have all worked togaether to help each other.is there any one with a similar story or any suggestions on how to beat this


Well-known member
Jun 30, 2009
Hi chezz,

I didn't know anything about Conversion disorder so I looked it up.
:welcome: to the forum. I hope you find it useful.


Hi Chezz

And :welcome: to the forum.
I'm so sorry to hear things are so tough for you right now.
We do have a forum for conversion disorder, you might find persons with similar experiences to yours on there.


I hope you find this site helpful, there is a wealth of knowledge, experience and support to be found here. :)


Jul 9, 2009
:flowers:hi sapphire 77,

i have been looking through conversion disorder and others that have this,it has certainly been helpful and i have a couple of options to move on with when i see my next doc,its just good to chat to people who are in a similar situation,thanks again lol


No problems Chezz.

Knowing others that suffer with similiar issues can be of a great benefit, and I'm so glad that you have some options to move forward with.

And I'm sure others would value your input if you were to describe your experiences on there, if you felt up to it.

And please do keep posting and let us know how you get on! :flowers:
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