Giving a presentation. Looking for your views.


Major Button

Oct 25, 2010
Hi I'm new. I'm a student Nurse who also happens to be bipolar. We are doing our mental health week at uni this week and at the end of the week we do a presentation. The other students at uni don't know I'm bipolar but when we were deciding who was doing what bit of the presentation I was asked to look into how people with mental illness are affected by stigma and discrimination. I don't think I'm ready to come out to the other students but I do feel a responsibility to tell all these future Nurses about the discrimination people face so I'm going to use my own experience but I also want to know how discrimination and stigma affects you guys and what experiences you have had so I can share them with my class mates. Would really appreciate it. Thanks


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Apr 14, 2010
Cool St, Coolville
hey there major button. will try and have a think about this - i'm all about giving others insight it's just been the worry with me that once i've said it i can't un-say it, which if it doesn't work out so great can do more harm than good. In my opinion. but then i think sod it, if people are gonna have stigmas about it all then i'm not losing out anyway, so it can act as a useful filter sometimes!
will have a think about it, and i'm glad to hear you are covering this fairly well at uni - my friend's in training to be a midwife and they've had one lecture about mental health which i think is the only one they get, so it's good to hear from someone in a course which is forcing a little more thought on the matter. if i don't get back to you i'm sorry, but i am planning to at the moment!! x