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Girlfriend's Lies....


Survive Vin

May 10, 2018
Now everytime me and my girlfriend argue, I've notificed she lies to everyone around her. I'll admit I looked at her messages, a big no-no I know! But knowing how she is I knew I needed to see what she'd been saying about me. So this entire week we'd been arguing, about not spending Christmas together, money, the normal kind of things people bicker about at this time of the year.
So my mum asked me to fix our tv, I asked my girlfriend to help and her reply was we needed to take all the wires out the tv and the box, literally everything, just to sweep up...I told her it was ridiculous to do all that and fixed the tv by going to a corner shop and spending £1 for an adaptor. Sorted!! But of course we keep arguing....I don't even know why she was having a go at me I'm so used to it by now. Anyway, back onto the messages. She told her best friend I didn't want her to tidy up!!!!! Wtf??? Where did that come from??? I told her cleanings fine over and over again, I want to clean too. But my mum asked me to fix the tv NOT clean it. Honestly I wish I could emphasize how infuriating it is for someone to LIE about something to justify being horrible to you. You look around for someone to stick up for you and say "Hey! That's not right!" but there's no-one.

The thing is, fixing a tv shouldn't be something to even bicker about. I fixed the tv for my mum, voila! But no, either because she wanted to be the hero or she just wants to make my life as hard as possible she starts all this! I even read up on "Borderline Personality disorder" earlier because she's not right....but blaming a disorder might be me loving her to much and just not seeing that she's at fault....

I just don't know how to deal with it, I try my hardest and she just doesn't see any of it. All she does is feel sorry for herself, I'm starting to regret spending so much time trying to make something work with someone I now know you can't trust. If I can't believe a word she says what can I do? She broke up with me last night, bought me a sandwich when she came home from shopping! It's like she's trying to fuck with my head, I love her but I'm so pissed off. You lie about me, you speak to my mum behind my back (long story) one more thing, and I'm returning every bit of bad karma she deserves in one lump. My mum's the most important woman in my life, your son is yours. Don't make this get tit for tat because unlike you I don't lie. I won't just tell your son what you've called me, I'll make sure they know just how many times you've told me you "don't care about them" :)

I'm at the end of my tether, I'm a good person and always have been. Always tried my hardest, always wanted to be the best man I could be. If she carries on she'll learn the true definition of Karma. Not a threat either! I don't expect her to ever read this.

Sorry everyone for the hard read, any advice would be nice. She's lied about me on other forums so there's a handful of randomers chatting shit about me. This is the first time I've vented without caring if it sorts anything or not! What can you do when the person you love acts like a fucking psychopath? All she can say about me is that I wanted to fix the tv ASAP, for that I get told she's never loved me and she's leaving me.... What a life!! FML

Hope whomever's reading this is having a better day than me!


I'm sorry you have such a lying girlfriend affecting you so badly. She is betraying you by lying so much, and you cannot trust someone like that. Eventually she will really betray you in something that is totally unacceptable. I think you should do the hard thing and move on from her, otherwise she will continue grinding you down and making you feel worthless. Break up with her and find a girl that you can really trust. Clearly your relationship isn't going to work out.