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Girlfriend has a bad episode & breaks up r/ship. Help - what should I do!



New member
Mar 26, 2010
Girlfriend has a bad episode & breaks up r/ship. Help - what should I do!

My g/friend is Bipolar and a rapid cycler. She recently had a bad episode (lots of erratic behaviour, racing thoughts etc) and said she wanted space from me to think about things. She also said she didn't think she was in love with me - even though we had been talking about our future together only a few days before!

Please believe me when I tell you there was 'nothing' wrong with the relationship - I know you can only take my word on this - but during our 2 and a half years together - not one cross word or raised voice.

And even though she had some bipolar 'peculiarities' - I soon got used to these as just being a part of 'her'.

So I've read that this may be a common trait with BPers? The need for space and the need during stressful times to cut loose their partner.

I've also been told not to take this personally - that this is a time their bipolar is ruling them - is that true?

And obviously if she has an adjustment in her meds - can this help bring her out of this? It's been three / four weeks now since we've spoken. Should I continue to give her 'space'?

Thanks for your help, Nick.


Well-known member
Mar 25, 2010
i cant answer your questions but i am the same , i need space from my b/f because he iritates me then i wonder if its worth carrying on , if he is right for me , then i feel i dont care and hes free to go and usually they do since by then they are sick of my attitude.

i dont know if its a common trait with bipolar people , i am eagerly awaiting responces because its something id really like to change if possible since it makes for a really unstable and lonely life , in my experience
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