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Getting worse



New member
Jan 3, 2019
So yeah, thought I'd post here too mostly because I've harmed myself since my last forum post. Not gonna go into too much detail, both due to the guidelines and as nobody really deserves that, but I can't help but notice it's getting worse.

I have deadlines coming up, places I need to be... And these aren't gonna go away any time soon. I'm still able to deal with my injuries myself, so I guess that's... something... but the fact that it is only getting worse makes me think I'm just going to end up doing myself life threatening damage.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore... But I guess some form of stimulation, even if it's bad, is better for me than just letting my thoughts run wild. Music used to be fine as a distraction when everything started, but now it does nothing for me.

Might be overselling my cheerful personality a bit too much now though. People I know are starting to think I'm drunk.

Well, I guess I've rambled on enough. My bad.
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Jul 26, 2017
Stay stong, nothing in life is more valuble then your own health and welbeing. Ramble all you want. people are here to help and listen.