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Getting treatment for mental illness and physical symptoms- recommendations?



New member
Jul 12, 2016
Getting treatment for mental illness and physical symptoms- recommendations?

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression back in 2014 but looking back I've had it much longer. I have all sort of physical aliments (back pain, tension headaches, IBS, sleep problems) which have been linked with my mental health. I've had some treatment and help dealing with things individually but would really like the bigger picture to be looked at and how it is all connected. I have thought about booking myself into The Priory for some treatment, but it's just a tad expensive! Does anyone have any recommendations of where I could go or what I could do to get a more holistic treatment?
Rod Whiteley

Rod Whiteley

Well-known member
Feb 6, 2012
Gloucestershire, UK
CBT, when done properly, is a holistic approach that will address anxiety, depression and any related physical ("somatoform") symptoms in terms of the big picture. Make sure you see a fully qualified CBT specialist, not someone who only does a bit of CBT as a sideline. Before seeing a therapist for the first time you could ask them to confirm that they will construct a full formulation (or conceptualization) of your case and not just treat individual symptoms.

The official register of CBT therapists in the UK is at CBT Register UK | The online register of CBT therapists for the UK and Ireland

Another useful register is Bupa's (which you can use even if you are not a Bupa member) Bupa: Consultant and Facilities Finder

The cost is impossible to predict because therapists charge per session and you can't tell how many sessions you'll need, but for the kind of issues you mention I think inpatient treatment would be more costly and less effective. CBT for a complicated case might typically take 20 sessions at £100 per session, but this is only a very, very rough estimate.