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Getting off a Depot?



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Oct 31, 2009
Ok at the moment I'm on a 37.5 mg dose of Reisperdal Consta in depot injection form every two weeks. I also should be taking a 2 mg oral dose of Risperidone as and when required and 30mg of Citalopram daily, I stopped taking the Citalopram about 6 months ago and haven't felt depressed and haven't taken any oral Risperidone for months.

I had a Psychiatrist who I really liked and trusted several years ago who suggested that I went on the depot after numerous overdoses in bids to escape my paranoid delusions. Basically my weight has ballooned from ten to sixteen stone and I'm pig sick of losing my creativity and motivation due to anti-psychotics, basically I want to come off the depot and take oral meds so I can control the dosage.

I'm thinking of stopping anti-psychotics for good, I managed to function in society and get to work every day for years without a diagnosis even though I was quite out there, I just kept my delusions to myself. I used large amounts of street drugs (not hard ones, though I've dabbled with heroin and crack) for years even when I was working so am a little worried I've damaged my brain chemistry beyond repair so maybe stopping anti-psychotics may be a little extreme.

I had a friend who just stopped turning up for his depot and insisted they gave him oral meds and I am thinking about doing the same but because of community treatment orders I'm worried the powers that be will just come round and stick a needle in my arse anyway.

Has anyone else stopped their depot officially and what strategies did they use?

Any help is appreciated.


Yes, good move
Providing you can convince your psyche, that your going to regularly take the prescribed dose - no worries


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May 26, 2009
Hello ,I used to be on risperdone consta I came off it because of the pain of the jab (big baby!) and the weight gain.
Now I take another antiypchotic.
Please be careful when u decide to stop the jabs if they decide that you need it they can force you i e section you warning!!
Take care
wendy x