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getting my meds right...


gina kate

Hi All,

I im still having trouble sleeping, my meds are now 20mg olanzopene, and 20 mg of diazopam. The physchiatrist coming to see me at home today as they think i now need a mood stabiliser as im up and down like a yo yo. ive been miss diagnosed for nearly 10 yaers and have coped with the high and lows thinking it was normal. I now know its manic depression Bipolar 11 they wont give me any literature yet to read as i have so many other things to deal with at the mo.
Ive been told i got a long road ahead of me to get me well.. i guess this is a start.
Would love to talk to anyone who can offer any support. Many thanks guys. x


Jan 14, 2010
Hi you!

Hi, sorry to hear you are not feeling too good still. Don't give up hope!! It is going to be a really long road and lots of people on here are walking the same one from all the posts I have read. We can all support each other and give advice. Sleeping is such a big thing and if you still are not sleeping properly you must go back to the doctors straight away. My problem was I would always wait till crisis point (when i hadnt slept for days on end) before I would ask (not often!!)/ or other people would get help for me!!!! Its no fun when youve got to a point where nothing seems to make sense. Im lucky in that my doctor and the CMHT are brilliant and i couldnt have started the road to getting better without them. Stay positive. Ill write again soon.


Jan 14, 2010

Lithium has been wonderful for me as a mood stabilser. I hope that you get what you need so you start feeling better.
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