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Getting better!! (i think)

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Sep 14, 2020
I've never had motivation.. to do anything really. I've spent most of my teenage years laying in bed all day (rarely if ever leaving my house) since I never had to move to do my homeschooling which has wreaked havoc with my joints. I'm really paying for it now but! I've actually wanted to leave my house recently. I want to go back to school. Get my leaving cert. Go to college someday. I wanna become a nurse! or a special needs assistant. I never thought I'd see myself having aspirations in life. Wanting to live life. I don't feel as hopeless as I usually do even though I still live in a bad environment... hearing fighting all the time takes the life out of me. I've prayed to g-d for peace every night and morning which y'all might roll your eyes at but I think that has helped me a lot. I truly feel like I can do something in life. (I'll probably have a meltdown tomorrow like always tho lmao we shall see)
I hope everyone is well today. :grouphug:


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Jul 31, 2020
Good to see an optimistic post, they were starting to look scarce.

Deleted member 91323

It is lovely to read you are having positive thoughts now. :)


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Oct 14, 2020
Yes that is wonderful. I hope your day stays positive!
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