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Getting Back to Life... Some Problems Still Exist



Well-known member
Jan 4, 2016
Hello, good time everyone.
I am the one who wanted to commit suicide months ago. Now everything is fine and I'm not that depressed or anxious anymore. Actually tremors are gone, they only come occasionally. And other physical problems are no more here. About mental health, nowadays my memory is definitely improving.
Now the problems: Two major problems persist despite the recovery, slurred speech and clumsiness.
By slurred speech I mean sometimes I can't find words, I mispronounce words unintentionally and have to repeat, or sometimes there are pauses in my speech. The problem with remembering and choosing the proper words is the worst one.
And by clumsiness I mean I can't do things properly. Of course not everything, but the tasks with more complex coordination or more graceful ones.
It may seem ridiculous but please don't laugh at me because of this. :low: Some instances of this clumsiness are: Problems with driving (it's both complex and graceful to put just enough pressure on the pedals.) Or playing ping pong or something. Of course I can do so to some extent, and I can't call my problem uncoordinated movement... It's just being very clumsy.
Can anyone help on this? Thank you in advance.


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2015

I just wanted to say it's lovely to hear there has been some improvements to your health.
I'm sorry I can't offer any advice in respect of the problems you are having, I do hope someone comes along who can perhaps offer some guidance on how they coped with something similar..
Have you spoken to the medical professionals about it, what did they suggest ?

I wish you well.
Unique xx