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Getting back on track - sleep and Li taper



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Nov 14, 2020
Good luck with your taper and keep us up to date if you'd like.
Hi there,

How have your sleep issues been? Hope some improvement.

As for me, I have had to delay my taper for a better time in my life.

It's just I work full time and when I tapered even 100mg I got full blown 100% wide awake nights and wasn't able to function.
Then that triggered even more anxiety that I had " blown it". I was very ill last summer and you see, had made such progress that
I was fearful of blowing it. I kept thinking of my son, who is 8, and began to panic.

Also, my wife is just starting a new job and the timing of the taper was not good for our family.

So have decided to park the issue until
I am in a position to take a few months off.
It's a project that I need to mentally prepare myself for and I can't have the pressure of work to contend with at the same time.



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Dec 6, 2020
that pale blue dot
Hi Fer,
Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been well lately. I'm still not sleeping well if I don't take my benzo and I am quite depressed at the moment.

It sounds to me like you made a sensible decision, with everything you've got going on right now it's not wise to taper if it causes such bad insomnia. I totally understand you don't want to derail and end up in hospital again.
All the best to you and your family.

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