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getting back into exercise



New member
Mar 9, 2019
hi everyone,

i'm currently in recovery from anorexia and have been given the go-ahead to start doing some exercise again. i never struggled with compulsive exercise so that isn't something i'm worried about, but i've been having a lot of worries about how my body shape might change as i work towards both eating more and reincorporating exercise. i'm meant to be doing some light strength training but mostly avoiding cardio for the time being, but i'm finding myself afraid that doing any strength training at all is going to make my arms and legs larger just by virtue of building muscle.

i've started rock climbing which has been positive and i'm feeling motivated to get stronger so that i can climb well, but it's coupled with this fear that getting stronger is going to make my body change in a way i don't like.

has anyone else experienced something like this? i'd love to hear about how you pushed through it!



Well-known member
Feb 28, 2018
I didn't do any exercise for a long time after recovery because it can trigger disordered behaviors and it sounds like it's already making you fearful. Can you hold off until you're in a stronger place psychologically? Or maybe just walk?


New member
Mar 8, 2019
i agree with the above. Exercise can trigger your eating disordered behaviour, even if you didn't do it when you were ill. I think you should talk to a doctor/therapist before, because it sounds like it's already triggering you.


Jan 18, 2019
Until you build a moderate amount of muscles don't do anything heavy as it can damage your ligaments, joints and skeletal muscles. Your focus should be on bulking and finding ways to eat more.

I take ANIMAL PAK that has papaine and other digestive aids, omega 3 to stimulate hunger and betaine HCl to increase stomach acid and digestion.

You don't wana eat a lot at once cause organs aren't used to it but you slowly increase the amount of food.

You can go from anorexic to being big, many bodybuilders did so. There's 4 things that are fundamental in body building:

1. Hard ass work
2. Food (only if you do #1)
3. Sleep (only when you collapse after doing only if you do #1)
4. Drugs (you gotta find your drug that works for you, supplements, aids, BCAA, etc.)

Younger folks nowadays, when they enter the GYM they just ask for steroids. Steroids and growth hormone are super bad trust me. You wana keep what you gain. If you're using opioids that's ok but keep in mind that your body will not be able to alert you when you are hurting something so don't tear up your shit. The form doesn't matter if your position is wrong it won't feel right.

Finally, there's no way around the hard ass work. No perfect form, no drugs and no supplements will be able to substitute that. Hard motherfucking work.
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