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get diagnosed and the wife leaves

thing fish

thing fish

Well-known member
Oct 1, 2009
thats what happened to me...a couple months after i was diagnosed and put on meds my wife told me that she filed for dissolution of marriage.
we were married for 5 years and it was a good 5 years.
she left me in a heartbeat...
she kept my dog and a couple of my guitars too.

to this day i can't believe she did me like that


Help for carers.

I don't know what happened when your wife left, and it is sad after some years of marriage. She obviously eeds some support herself. If you are still in contact in any way suggest to her that she need to ask for a carer's assessment of need. This might exp,ain things to her better and I hope that you will be able to get back together. I imagine you are n treatment, and if you are on medication it is essential that you keep to your medication and have a physical check up about every twelve months.
I am sorry you are unhappy, but the sun will shine again in time.

Napolean Today

Anyone doing that must have a sociopathy going on. I can tell you a ball & chain doesn't get lighter with the passage of time. Lucky escape mate. ;)

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