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Germ phobia



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Feb 24, 2021
United States
It started about 10 years ago when I moved into this apartment. The one landlord was very smelly and had dirty greasy hands, and he was always doing work around here. The apartment has constant issues and he was coming in to "fix" them (literally just poked around and did nothing). He's since passed away.
Because of all these issues, I have a moderate-severe germ phobia. Every 6 months there are repairmen in my apartment. I don't like shoes worn in my home but they refuse to cover them with plastic. Since I'm a young woman, they laugh at me and roll their eyes. Most are rude and say "You want the work done or not?"
Today is bad - they were only supposed to re-grout the bathtub but they ended up doing the entire bathroom (walls are tile). I didn't move my items in my medicine cabinet, so now I have to throw everything out because they opened it and were poking around. They weren't supposed to do the whole thing but wouldn't listen to me and stop.
They said they'd be an hour, but now it's been 2 hours with no sign of stopping. They were an hour late too. I called the landlord and said to reschedule it because I wasn't waiting anymore, then I half-changed my clothes to go out, and I've been sitting here half dressed WAITING. It's horribly frustrating on top of thinking about cleaning the entire bathroom later. They've wasted my day and gotten filth all over the place.
(Btw the repair work is always my mom's request. She wants every little thing fixed all the time, meanwhile I would ignore it)
The carpets in our place used to be beige but they're brown now from all the dirty work boots. I have to wear shoes inside now because I don't want my feet dirty.
Constant dirty workmen have made me phobic of germs. I have many of my things in plastic containers because I have to always move them to let repairmen in, so I just keep most of my things packed up.
A few times, my bedroom wall leaks water from heavy rain. When a guy came to plaster over it, he got plaster on the other end of my bedroom - good thing I had sheets covering literally everything or else he would have destroyed my expensive computer set up.
I can't move because we don't have the money, but most apartments around here are falling apart anyway.
The germ phobia is literally too much for me. I can't take it. Anyone else? How do you cope?

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