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generalized anxiety disorder taking over my life, feeling suicidal :/


michael myers

New member
Sep 7, 2015
hi, im a 19 year old male and i was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. for the past 3 years i feel detached from everything,that feeling started after i had a bad panic attack while smoking weed and ever since then it feels like everything is just a dream or not real. It's a strange feeling and nobody understands me. Ive been to a therapist and he didn't really know what it was. I just want to feel normal again and my shoulder, head and neck muscles are constantly tense like i am NEVER relaxed.

I also have bad anxiety in public to the point where i can't even walk down the road and cross the street because my whole body gets tense and i start to walk funny and get paranoid that people are judging me and i start to shake. I just started school and ive been skipping because of my anxiety and im suppose to get a part time job and i have to drink before going anywhere to calm me down. Ive been drinking 8 beer a day for the past while but i'm trying to cut down. At this point i don't know what to do i feel hopeless and my life is going nowhere because of my anxiety. What should i do? whats the cure for generalized anxiety disorder and why do i feel fake all the time?


Well-known member
Oct 21, 2013
On a comet
Hello and welcome to the forums. I think you should consult your doctor and try to find some solutions. One therapist might not know whats wrong but that doesn't mean other therapists, etc won't know whats wrong.
Also are there not any tablets you could take for relaxation, rather than having 8 beer a day, which can't be good for your liver and overall health.

I really hope you can find some solutions.


New member
Sep 12, 2015
Hi Michael,

I've been where you are. I suffered bad panic attacks and anxiety took over. Mine wasn't from smoking weed but in sounds as if your are in a familiar state. Firstly I know it must be very frustrating just now and probably feels as if it's never going to end and it will ruin your life. That is what I thought at the time anyway.
Eventually I became very depressed and went to see my GP and was put on medication. The medication took a while to help but got me over a hurdle. Over time I have learned a lot about how my own mind works and what triggers low and anxious feelings.
I think you should really go and see your GP and find out what the best course of action for you to take is, whether that be medication, counselling or exercise. Also the beer may make you feel instantly more relaxed but ultimately it will be adding to your anxiety. Alcohol is also a depressant so it will enhancing your symptoms rather than relieving them, you need to stop drinking as soon as you can.
I mentioned exercise and this is because I wish I had partaken in more of it when I was at my lowest and most anxious, unfortunately it was the last thing I wanted to do. However, if I had forced myself I know now I would have felt better for it. If I am ever having a low day I exercise and it makes a world of difference mentally as well as the obvious physical benefits. If you already exercise regularly then another course of action may be what you need.
At the moment it probably feels as if you have lost your life and are dominated by anxiety but believe me you can get your life back. I am now anxiety and depression free in the clinical sense. I have a normal human level of rational anxiety and am in complete control of my life. Three months is also early days on the anxiety road so celebrate small steps and don't have an expectation that it will all go away overnight, it takes time. Hang in there Michael, you can get over this and many people do. Please see your doctor and see what will work for you. Also don't be scared to talk to your friends and family, if they are true friends they will listen.
I hope this has helped in some way. Take care Michael and celebrate the step you have taken and bravery you have shown by coming on this forum. :)