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(Generalised Anxiety/constant worrying) Talk therapy doesn't help ... alternatives?



New member
Jun 2, 2021
Hello everybody,

Sokme background: I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder and I am autistic. I've had more than 3 depressions spanning several years and I am currently on Citalopram for that (it works, I am feeling much better).

After several years of therapy my psychologist has told me they want to halt the sessions. They don't think they can do anything for me anymore. I have been suggested I should learn to live with the anxiety. In my case that means constant worrying, being tense, being afraid of failing, of rejection, feeling like I am constantly failing, being overwhelmed with thoughts and sensations. I spend so much time and energy every day being scared, pulling myself thought h day. Living like that? Sometimes I can't help but think I'd rather die.

Has anybody been in a similar situation? I am currently looking into hypnotherapy (which my insurance won't cover) and I reached out to my psychiatrist.
Does anyone know which anti-anxiety meds can be used long term in combination with Citalopram? Are there any other therapies I can try?


Well-known member
May 8, 2020
Louisville, Ky
Welcome Celadon,
I take Xanax regularly throughout the day. I hesitate to recommend it because it is kinda addictive and I often wonder how much I benefit from it since my system is used to it. It seemed pretty effective when I first started taking it, I could feel it kick in. I suppose it still helps suppress my nerves keeping me calmer as I take it every 6 hours. Some doctors don't like to prescribe it.
I heard some advice recently that people who really take responsibility and active steps for their own health improvement fair best.
What does taking personal responsibility for your health look like?
Well, I'm working on this myself now. Why have I not already been taking really good care of myself? I think a lot of people were not taught how to self soothe among other inner engineering strategies for coping with life and maintaining a good mood or thought patterns.
Mindfulness practices can teach us things like working on increasing our compassion, including compassion towards ourselves. Through breathing techniques and setting positive intentions and interrupting negative thought patterns, well, this is the stuff that mindfulness is all about.
So, this is a life long journey of learning how to manage our internal states. As we learn how to do that, as a bonus, we can share with others the same techniques. This is a practice and takes time to develop. Hope this helps. Bless you.


Dec 4, 2020
The Netherlands
Hello Celadon,
Wow, your post could have been mine. I have exactly the same situation. Also with my psychologist who told me now that I should live with it and forwarded me to an Autism coach. I am not happy with this. I am going to talk to my GP about this.
I am fighting to overcome each day. I have a job that is also stress demanding in IT so that does not help.
I am using Xanax (Seroxat / Paroxetine) 50 MG each day and that helps.
But my body is used to it now after 25 years of using it so I should switch to another brand but I am affraid to do that. (Sounds familiour ;-)

Hypnotherapy is one of the few therapy's that can actually help. But you must really go for it and not be affraid to let yourself go into trance.
I think you have trauma just as me. Autism with childhood can give you trauma and so you have PTSD symptoms.

Greetings Richard. (Also from the Netherlands)


May 11, 2021
I would be hesitant to take Xanax, Ativan or any benzo. They in my opinion will make anxiety worse. There not for long term treatment. There's alot of things that can work with the SSRIs ur on. If ur doctor said there is nothing else to help u with and that u need to live with it I would switch and try a new doctor. Usually I think they say that when they don't know what to do but there's other doctors who will. There's buspar that's used for anxiety also snri's like effexor. There's natural things like exercise and keto diets. There's older trycyclic antidepressants that can work alot better than the current SSRIs to


Dec 4, 2020
The Netherlands
I see I made mistake in translation. I don't use Xanax. I use Paxil. In Europe known as "Paroxetine / Seroxat". This is an SSRI.
I am doing research for what could replace this. I am looking at "venlafaxine".
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