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General paranoia and anxiety, leading to psychotic depression



Apr 28, 2018
Hello all, my diagnosis is psychotic depression. Basically, I have a habit of overthinking situations, which turns into irrational paranoia, which leads to hallucinations and delusions. I would love to hear about how you all deal with overthinking, whether it's what works out from experience, or a few tricks from your therapist. I'd love to hear them all. Thanks in advance!:)


Well-known member
Sep 23, 2018
Georgia, USA
I struggle with psychosis too and overthinking and one thing I do when I start overthinking is to challenge the negative or obsessive thoughts. For example, if I start getting paranoid about someone trying to kill me, I ask myself logical questions to try and ease some of the paranoia. Such as "Do you know anyone who wants to kill you? No." "Does anyone have any reason to want to kill you? No." "Are you in a safe place right now? Yes." My therapist taught me this. It really helps when I start overthinking and getting paranoid. Maybe it can help you. If all else fails, there's always distractions. Distractions help me a lot too, such as playing music or drawing or something.


Apr 28, 2018
I appreciate this. Thanks for taking the time out to help me :thanks:
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