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Gang Stalking & Pedophilia (Clandestine Abuse Networks) the connections



Taking a break
Jun 5, 2021
For a long time, a lot of what we take for granted gets overlooked, some may cry out or start a witch hunt attempting to cancel any opposing views, in order to censor or to divert attention upon another angle or to scapegoat the messager.

40 years ago dark news stories of runaways and orphaned children being covertly abused in care and some lead to human trafficking was suppressed and remained so, right up to the BBC Jimmy Savile scandal broke the whole story wide open.
This was mainly carried out right under the noses of the locals and with the service providers' full knowledge it's that, that lead to the national enquery, and subsequent legal cases.

The abusive networks were transient and very clandestine within the market of providing opportunities to anonymously commit abuse, the same could be stated of whats termed Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment, which also relies upon anonymity and the service providers knowledge in order to covertly harass and commit abnormal surveillance, a bit on the same lines as Molka, or Revenge Porn.

Also, what's of interest is the very similarity in the abuse its self, the invasion of privacy, the self-justification of the perp's to have the right to invade and attempt to ruin someone's life, or to shun them, or largely scapegoat their chosen victim or TI.

The link or close resemblance to cyber abusive trends like as said revenge via a proxy, Twitter storms, cancel culture and its crazy-making witch hunts perfectly showcasing its own lunacy and criminal psychological makeup of the Perp's networking cult or clandestine abuse network.

So, not to get too graphic would these hidden aspects be seen by the everyday person as the same or made up of corresponding elements of inflicting emotional harm or to gaslight a victim into mental health or nervous breakdown.

Within my viewpoint, I would like to see a professional investigation into these claims and into ilegal hate crimes or hidden case studies.